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Options for Senior America Corporation, a 22-year old home health care group, needs a Business Development/Community Relations Manager with the prime responsibility of liaising with social workers and case managers at hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and other similar institutions.

The Manager must have a proven track record in sales of services and will, ideally, also have at least 1 year experience in the healthcare industry with a background in social work, gerontology, case management, nursing or equivalent. The job will require the candidate to be visiting persons of interest at healthcare institutions 50-75% of the time.



* Leads the branch overall sales and marketing efforts, be it with individual families or with institutions and professionals.
* Takes inquiries, as needed, and directs new client families through the array of services that the Company offers.
* Originates and develops new sources of business.
* Reaches out within the health care and related professional communities in a systematic and ongoing fashion.
* Represents the Company faithfully and works industriously and to the best of his/her ability and talent.
* Makes as much personal contact as possible with such individuals, by telephone, in one-on-one meetings, by letter, and by way of circulars.
* Identifies and gathers, on an ongoing basis, the names of social workers and other professionals who might potentially make referrals to OPTIONS.
* Represents OPTIONS at conferences and exhibits and participates in other professional meetings, as discussed, scheduled, and agreed upon with Management.


* Manages an office with a staff of 2-3 people, and field home health aides of about 50-70, in an expanding market, and exerts efforts in maintaining high motivation among the staff, and company discipline.
* Interacts efficiently with Corporate Office and other branch office personnel.
* Monitors and manages all information needed for contractual arrangements with the care recipients’ families, as well as the required data for weekly billing notes.
* Expands and optimizes all human resources (office staff and home health aides) available to the organization.
* Coaches subordinates on a regular basis for improved performance. Evaluates each staff member’s contributions to the branch and recommends the hiring and firing of staff personnel.


* Develops a good rapport with each of the ongoing long-term accounts, on a personal level with the care recipient and/or a member of his/her family.
* Ensures that good quality services are provided to ALL clients through on-going Quality Assurance visits to the homes of select care recipients.
* Exercises damage control in a mature and skillful way as emerging circumstances dictate.
* Places a high priority on maintaining current cases through superior customer service and outstanding quality home care.


* Candidate must be motivated with at least 1 year experience in health care services.
* Ideal candidate may have background in case management, nursing, social work or business development.
* 4-year College education a plus.
* Required Experience: 4-5 years in managerial capacity.
* Full training will be provided.

COMPENSATION: Salary $34k-$36k + Generous Monthly Bonus + Full Benefits

Please send your resume with a cover letter to Myah Griffith at:
MGriffith @ with Subject: Business Development Manager - Washington DC

Fax: 301-562-1161

Options for Senior America Corp. provides nursing assistants, HHAs, LPNs and RNs to help senior adults with activities of daily living. With a beginning in the late 1980s, Options has traditionally been identified as a quality organization of high repute and integrity. It is a privately owned regional home care agency with offices and operations in several states including MD, DC, VA, PA, OH, GA, FL and NC.

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Salary $34k-$36k + Generous Monthly Bonus + Full Benefits

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