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Mid Atlantic area Landscaping Company seeks a positive, motivated, enthusiastic, detail oriented, team player to assist in running our Mechanic Shop.

Job Description:
Administrative Assistant will work in concert with Chief Mechanic to ensure highest level of service, repairs, ongoing care, use, tracking and record keeping for our vast fleet of vehicles, trailers, equipment and tools. Applicant must have great organizational capabilities and strong people skills, proficiency with all Microsoft Office applications.

• Responsible for vehicle maintenance and repair service tracking, job costing, parts inventory, fuel management and accident administration.

• Establish and maintain vehicle utilization analysis database providing fleet and equipment usage information by all departments.

• Develop and implement short and long term strategies to meet the goals and objectives of the department, including service provisions; organizational structure; fleet planning and analysis.

• Development of alternative fuel program and usage; fuel inventory and related cost accounting.

• Develop and Monitor Shop Department budget to meet financial performance goals.

• Assist Manager with hiring, measuring and evaluating shop employee performance.

• Shop procurement to obtain “best costs and values” Assure the timely delivery of quality services, parts, repairs and products as well as cost-effective rates and fees.

• Maintain compliance with Internal Audit guidelines and procedures.

• Monitor and ensure compliance with applicable laws as established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Energy (DOE), State of Maryland.

Qualifications include:

• At least 2 years experience in Administrative role

• Ability to apply good financial management practices, knowledge of basic job costing procedures, and ability to develop and work within budget guidelines

• Procurement and management of fuel program including ordering, pricing, inventory, fuel system monitoring and development

We offer a competitive starting salary and benefits package, please send resume with salary requirements to:

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